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Tree Lopping is essentially maintenance, removing certain parts of the tree to get it to your desired height and shape. As homeowners, we understand the importance of having good-looking trees in the neighborhood. For this reason, we offer tree lopping services to all of our clients.

Our specialists all have ‘green thumbs’, meaning that no matter which of our specialists are assigned to you, the beauty of your trees are guaranteed to be preserved. More importantly, if you have sick trees, we can nurse them back to full health and even extend their lifespan with a variety of industry techniques. We also make sure that your tree will end up looking more beautiful and will improve the look of your property. In essence, tree lopping will allow your property to look even more aesthetically pleasing than it already is.

Making tree lopping and pruning simple and easy

If you want to keep your trees in healthy condition and looking good so that they last long, regular pruning is vital. With just a phone call and quick visit from one of our specialists, we will have evaluated your tree(s) and established the best method and routine to prune your tree.
Trees are an essential asset to your property, offering shade and aesthetic appeal. This means if your trees are not properly cared for, then they can overgrow, die too soon or fall and damage your property, not to mention take away from the overall visual effect of your property. Also, if tree branches are not pruned and are allowed to grow too much, they can interfere with electrical lines causing numerous hazards.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

Deadwood Removal: Simply, this is the removal of dead branches that have naturally shed from a tree.

Selective Tree Pruning: This is the removal of specific branches identified by the client, often in order to provide room for under planting, to provide a specific view or to gain clearance over buildings.

Crown Lifting: This is the pruning of a tree’s lowest branches in a canopy to provide room for under planting.

Remedial (restorative) Pruning: This is the removal of diseased, damaged or lopped branches and the trees restoration back to healthy and eye-pleasing timber. This is carried out to promote or induce new shoots to create a new canopy.

Reduction Pruning: This type of Pruning is undertaken to reduce height. The goal of reduction pruning is to normally maintain a view from the property or to contain the size of a tree.

Formative Pruning: This type of Pruning is done when the tree is in the early stages of development with the goal being to create a well shaped tree from the beginning with a long lifespan.

Advantages Of Pruning

Your property will get more sunlight

Your property will look more aesthetically pleasing

Your property will look more aesthetically pleasing

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