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Oklahoma Forestry Services helps with Cedar tree removal, dangers in wildfires (kfor)

As we see over and over in wildfires, the Eastern Red Cedar trees are the fuel that keeps the flames…

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Genesis Tree Service Expands Into Fairfax, VA – Newswire (press release)

Genesis Tree Service Expands Into Fairfax, VANewswire (press release)The primary tree services provided by Genesis Tree Service include: tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree cabling, storm damage clean-up and other emergency services related to trees. For more Fairfax tree service information, contact: …Genesis Tree Service Opens New Branch In Ashburn Virginia To Provide …DigitalJournal.comall 2 news articles »

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Questions and Answers

Does anybody know of an inexpensive tree removal service in Norcross Ga?

I have one 60ft pine tree that needs removal.

Posted by tennis
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If you are looking to avoid the big name tree services, then you might try asking at your local nursery or garden club. Or maybe better yet>>your local chainsaw repair/sales shop. They might know who can be trusted to take something down without harming nearby structures.

If you get lucky, you might find someone willing to do it for the firewood or lumber value and so the service would be free to you.

If there is no way that the tree can hit anything you care about, then you can try putting an ad that says free firewood and then you will probably have plenty of takers.

When shall i start my tree removal service?

Should it be Spring or Late Winter almost spring? How much can I charge for tree stump removal and tree cutting down hauling off? If someone who has or had a tree service could give me info on prices and everything else please tell me.

Posted by sugarbear6309620
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Start in the spring get out there and find trees that need to come down u would not belive some don't know that there tree has a problem. Know what uer talking about kind of tree,how you will take it down safely,etc. Give bids on taking down tree give bida on removing brush giv bids on removal of stump keep your own log as to how you bid on each.date ,time , name ,address.good luck and be safe.

Are there any tree removal services out there that will pay me to take a tree?

I have an oak tree in my backyard dropping acorns like crazy all over my deck. It is a choking hazzard for my infant and it's just annoying. Acorns are everywhere. I live in Kansas City. Are there any companies that will pay to take a tree?

Posted by naynay
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Not likely. They will want you to pay them to remove a tree and that can get expensive. You might find someone willing to do it for a reduced fee just so get the firewood, but I'd be careful of that for insurance reasons. If someone would get hurt or the tree coming down caused damage to a neighbor, you'd be filing an insurance claim.

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