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 Sydney Tree Pruning Myths



Myths about tree pruning

Pruning involves partial elimination of the trees foliage and branches. The process is founded on the scientific importance of tree upkeep; you do not rashly cut the trees anyhow.

Fruits require regular pruning in order to encourage the development of fruits while shade plants are trimmed to acquire apt shape. However, pruning has been misconstrued by home owners and contracting arborists who prefer cutting while there are other favorable options.

There are typical myths that are associated with pruning your trees. You should know them to avoid killing your trees or exposing them to diseases and damage.

Myth 1: Prune the tree back to one third

If you cut your tree to one third, it will take long before it rejuvenates. You will see it bloom in in apt shapes like branchy shrubs.

Myth 2: Prune without any plans

You should not prune whenever you feel like you should. Prune during the seasons when the plant is poised to derive benefits such as increased production and improve life span.

Myth 3: Do not prune during Summer

While pruning is undertaken during dormancy for fruit bearing trees, it is misleading to assume that summer Tree Pruning is detrimental. To curb the accumulation of sprouting suckers and buds, do so in the beginning of summer.

Myth 4: Plants withstand improper pruning

Plants may be injured and damaged severely if they are pruned during inappropriate times. Tree Pruning improves flowering, growth of fruits, and healthy rejuvenation if undertaken at the right time. Some plants may be extremely affected by pruning, thus it should be undertaken when they are verdant green in foliage.

Myth 5: You Prune fruit and other trees similarly

Fruit trees require constant Pruning to encourage the sprouting of fruit bearing buds. The wood must be maintained to avoid the retaining of outgrowths that no longer bear fruits. However, other trees like shade oriented ones are pruned often while the undertaking may be rigorous.

Myth 6: Encapsulating wounds stimulate fat healing

Tree trunks have innate means of secreting barriers to cushion damaged sections against further mechanical injury. Thus, tar, pain, fabric or other materials do not add any value to the healing of destroyed parts.

Myth 7: Pruning is only for professionals

Pruning is easy to learn and you can teach yourself and undertake the trimming instantly. You will always adopt a peculiar approach for every tree and improve its appearance and production.

Myth 8: Over-pruning has no effect on trees

Over Pruning may lead to less photosynthesis hence depleting the tree of crucial food products for growth and development. Topping is destructive, especially on fruit trees.

When tendering and maintaining your trees and shrubs in the garden, beware of the myths as they can spawn destruction and death of your plants. Other myths if not dispelled force garden owners to toil in non-beneficial activities.

If you suspect handy tips or guides to be marred by myths, delve into the techniques or liaise with a tree cutting expert to determine the efficiency of the activities.

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