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Local Forestry Services helps with Cedar tree removal, dangers in wildfires (kfor)

As we see over and over in wildfires, the Eastern Red Cedar trees are the fuel that keeps the flames…

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Don’t Get Stumped by Stump Cutters – Green Industry Pros

Don’t Get Stumped by Stump CuttersGreen Industry ProsA stump cutter is an essential element of any serious tree care professional’s equipment lineup. Stump cutters can also come in very handy for lawn maintenance contractors who have customers asking for dying or storm-damaged trees to be removed from¬†…

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Questions and Answers

Do-it-yourself stump removal?What should I consider when dealing with a stump? Is it OK to use a drill and wood-boring bits to drill it into sawdust, or will I be creating problems I’ll have to deal with later?

It’s the stump of a pecan tree, and new growth is emerging from the base.

Posted by night_train_to_memphis
[display_name id=”1″]Rent a stump grinder.

Small stump removal?How can I remove tree stumps that range from 3 inches to 12 inches? I would like to get rid of the roots also. If I buy the tree rot won’t the root grow back when I get rid of the tree stump? Does the stump decompose back into the ground or do I have to pick up the remains? How can I pull it out with a tractor or truck? Where do I place the attachement bolt? Can I even do that? Help I am at a lost? Please give some suggestions.

Posted by chad R
[display_name id=”1″]What I have done is this:
With a pick and a shovel dig a trench around the stump about 1 1/2 feet from the stump. When you hit a root cut it away with a reciprocating using a long blade designed for pruning tree branches. Continue around the whole stump until you can eventually pull it out. It’s really easier that you would think. Don’t use stump rot because that takes forever, and they’re too small to use a stump grinder on them.

Also- FYI- the root rot takes a lot longer to rot the stump than 2-3 weeks.

Pondersosa Pine tree stump removal ideas?We have 5 beetle infested pine trees that were cut down last yr.
Need a cost effective way of decaying the leftover stumps which
are in the front yard!

Why is Stump Out by Bonide Co. Not a good one?

Posted by bluefish
[display_name id=”1″]One way of removing stumps is to cut them as flush to the ground as possible then make a series of cuts in the center of the stump to trap rain water ant the stump will rot naturarlly or add some products which may help speed up the process.

The problem with this idea is that your talking years for them to decay depending on how large the tree were! And you will have the problem with pieces of rotting wood floating round ur garden!

The other option is to remove them alltogether depending on how big the trees are you may be able to rip the roots out with a chain and 4×4 jeep or tractor!
Some roots come up easy some are extreimly difficult to pull up! You mite just be lucky! Only problem with this is you need to leave a tall tree stump to allow the chain to catch and give a bit of leverage!

Another option is to hire out a stump grinder to grind down the stump below ground level! Mite be expensive to hire out!

Hope this helps!

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