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Farmington mayor applauds city crews for efforts during fire – Canton Daily Ledger

Farmington mayor applauds city crews for efforts during fireCanton Daily LedgerStufflebeam added that the public works department was “instrumental” in making sure that there was enough water to maintain services for the rest of town. … “What I'm asking is for the city to finish the job and take the stump out so I can put a …

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Questions and Answers

Best stump remover?

Posted by wilfr0930
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Call a tree cutting service. Several years ago we had a guy come with a huge corkscrew grinder. Made mulch out of the stump and cleared it out several feet down into the ground. It wasn't expensive, either. Mighta been $50 for two trees.

Tree Removal Service Near Denver, Colorado?

I live in Evergreen, CO, near Denver and I am looking for someone to cut down some trees and grind the stumps, does anyone know of a good and fairly inexpensive company that can do this tree removal service for me?

Posted by Sergey Nikolenko
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I had a couple of big cottonwoods removed in Denver by a company called Woody's Tree Service, they did a good job quickly and they were very reasonably priced. Here's their number 720-629-3189…. I think they service most of the Denver, Colorado metro area so they might be worth talking to, to see if they go up to Evergreen.

Should I remove the stumps while cutting trees?

All the oleanders in my backyard have been infected and turned brown or even scorch. I plan to have professional tree service to remove them all. As they grow between the fences and short walls, the spaces are too narrow for tree service professionals to use grinder to remove those stumps at lower costs. I have been offered with options of either only cutting trees to the ground without removing stumps or using hand tools to dig and chisel out the stumps. The latter choice would cost double. I intend to go for the first choice to save three or four hundred dollars, however, I don't know how bad this choice will affect my later plantation or there's nothing I should be worried about. I hope to hear your suggestion if you have similar experiences.

Posted by Michael
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If they cut them to ground level, you can cover them with a little soil, not enough to change the level noriceably, then put grass seed. Over the years the stumps will degrade by themselves.

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