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Questions and Answers

How much does it cost to have a stump ground out?

Posted by Corona
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Most stump grinding is priced on the diameter of the stump and can range from $1.00 to $5.00 per inch. It's really hard to say with the fluctuating price of diesel, but you could get bids from several stump grinding contractors and choose the one with the best price and credentials.

Best wishes.

Tree stump removal with dozer or tractor?

I have cut down about 15 small and medium sized trees………Would a dozer, tractor, or skid steer push the stumps out? (hackberry trees) Or would I be better off renting a stump grinder? I do need to level the land around the trees a bit……
I have left at least 3 foot height on the larger stumps….

I would prefer something with a front loader on front and a box blade on back…………like a landscape or skip loader if it is strong enough for the job!

I will move the stumps to the middle of a field and have a bonfire….

I have chainsawed down 15 trees I started it by myself and would like to finish it my self……lol.

Posted by revo2814
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Leave the stumps high with a skid steer S205 bobcat maybe they have to be 4 inches at best a crawler dozier no problem that will do it for sure if you know how to operate a john deer 410 back hoe with clam shell this is you re best bet having said that after you remove them you have to do something with the stumps it might be cheaper to grind and leave the grinding on the property get prices from a tree company to grind only and do the math with the rental back hoe delivered per day is $500 skid steer is $300 a day dozier $$500 good luck and operate with safety.

2.5 foot tree stump?

I was wondering what the average cost of removing a 2.5 to 3 foot diameter tree stump would be? It is in an easily accessible area, I am not sure what kind of tree it was, stump was just there when we moved in.
We live in Upstate NY.

Posted by Jessica B
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It's probably best if you call two or three landscaper/tree service companies in your area and ask them to give you an estimate over the phone. The description you gave here should be enough for them to give you a ballpark number. Of course, before they would guarantee that they'd want to come out and see it first-hand. Most reputable guys will also be willing to give you a written estimate if you wish.

Most likely they would use a machine called a "stump grinder" which literally chews the thing to bits right there where it sits, until it's below ground level, unless you specifically want the part that's below ground removed in order to plant something else. If you tell them you'll keep the wood chips that are the by-product of the grind, the price might be different than if they include hauling them away as part of the estimate.

Don't be surprised if they want $500 or $600 because it could take an entire day and some heavy equipment.

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