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/No job too small; no job too tall! All Trees, LLC! Licensed and Insured … – Casper Star-Tribune Online

/No job too small; no job too tall! All Trees, LLC! Licensed and Insured …Casper Star-Tribune OnlineAll Trees, LLC is a new, locally-owned and operated business for your tree services. Here at All Trees, we provide a variety of tree services, including trimming, pruning, removal, stump grinding, stump, removal, and more. We take our time with your …and more »

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Questions and Answers

2004 Freightliner business class M2 blower motor problem?

I have a 2004 Freightliner Business class M2-106 and am having a problem with to a/c blower motor not working. I have power and a good ground at the plug on the blower motor. I tried a new a/c control head and a new blower motor but it still wont work. The motors that control the temperature and blend doors work fine with either control head. Also I found a procedure to test the pwm signal which controls the blower speed using a digital volt meter. After performing the test I found that there is no signal being put out by either the original control or the new replacement. Any ideas what else to look for? I'm kinda stumped.

Posted by Jersey Farmer
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Im not sure on a freightliner but check to see if your a/c compressor kicks on i did a job a while back had the same problem it ended up being the pcm controls voltages to a/c compressor and blower motor only thing i can think of other then fuses but sounds like you might have already checked that cuz u have some idea of what ur doing.

Need Help with naming a business?

My husband asked me to help him come up with a company name.
He also asked me to help build a website for him, create and print business cards, etc.
His name is Curtis Miller and we live in a small town Big Rock, Tennessee.
He will offer a variety of services.
He has a wood mizer sawmill, offering custom sawing at his location or on your property.
He has a backhoe, bull dozier, tractor, and other heavy equipment.
He has been a superintendent for a large construction company for over 12 years, that is going out of business. He has built many homes from the ground up. He can put in septic tanks, built swimming pools, create ponds, or any work that needs to be done with heavy equipment. He can build add on rooms to existing homes, roofing, stump removal, the list goes on. A man of many trades.

We are trying to come up with a name that sums everything up, but having trouble. I would love idea's and input.

After a name is decided upon, and a trademark sign, picture or symbol; then I will look into websites, and business cards.


Posted by Crystal Miller
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I would suggest that you focus on the area where he is more expert with like for example "C. Miller Custom Sawing Services", and then you can just list other services below if you are to provide business cards. Highlight the important services where he is best suited. If you have acquired many customers with this kind of services then later on it will be easier for you to market the other services that he also knows.

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