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GoPro HERO2 Elm Tree Removal Time Lapse

Questions and Answers

Stump removal?

So this huge tree out front kicked the bucket and the city came and dissolved the stump in ONE visit. I mean, it is GONE, shredded, leveled, disappeared completely. I really wish I had seen what exactly they did to it because it was obviously not chemical. That works slowly. I don't think they excavated it either, because there are wood chips mixed with the dirt there now, and it was a pretty ginormous tree. I have a stump in the backyard. The city won't handle because it's on private property. It's much smaller, and it's sort of a hazard. I have put a lawn chair over it for now. I sure would like to know how they got rid of the big one so fast.

Posted by Chloe
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Stump Grinder…..You can rent them from equipment rental stores or you can have a tree guy come out and grind it down for you. Depending on the size of the stump there are more manual ways of getting it down. If its only a foot or so in diameter take an Axe or chain saw to until its below grade and cover up with dirt. This might sound like a lot but could easily be done in a morning. If its much more than two feet in diameter it would be a pretty big job but still doable in a day.

Does anyone know the best way to remove a large tree stump form the ground?

I have tried chemicals to erode the stump, a chainsaw, etc. To get it out, but not much luck. Thanks.

Posted by JD
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Go to your local rental center that rents out larger equipment and rent a "stump grinder." Follow directions and be careful. If you aren't handy, contact a local tree service. They will grind the stump down below ground level. Usually between $50 and $100 depending on the size of the stump. Then you will have nice mulch too.

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