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How to properly care for an established tree

Established and mature trees although requiring less maintenance than their younger counterparts, they also need regular care. Trees require frequent watering during dry weather, lopping, pruning, disease control and prevention, and protection.

Mature trees develop and grow slowly, and they have high stimuli to the surrounding ambiance, and this sensitivity leads to slow growth. Diseased and morbid foliage and parts tend to exhibit slow restoration and healing and are likely to be affected by disease.

If not supplied with sufficient water and growing in soils lacking mineral salts, the trees’ health declines tremendously. Tree can withstand a diseased section before the branch or foliage detaches.

If you want to know the status of a tree, you should inspect the foliage, appendage and trunk for earlier treatment. There are various measures that you can undertake to ensure that your mature tree remains naturally healthy.

Tree Water Health

The first care for a well established tree is supplying it with adequate amount of water regularly. Mature trees only require frequent watering on a monthly basis through deep water supply if there are no or restricted rain waters. Water is important for transport and photosynthesis in plants.

Secondly, mature or established trees ought to be pruned regularly to eliminate diseased wood, get rid of rotten parts and shed of excessive weight at the edge of overhanging branches. Lessening weight at the margins of appendages prevents breakage or accidents. You may want to hire a certified tree expert to prune your trees.

Insufficient pruning affects the tree’s health and makes it susceptible to diseases and parasitic organisms. Nevertheless, you ought to prune trees properly to avoid topping or eliminating numerous photosynthetic verdant leaves. This is balanced to lower nourishment and weakens the tree.

Disease prevention and protection against mechanical injury is indispensable. In case you think a tree is affected by disease, liaise with a qualified and certified arborist. If you want to inspect yourself, check for weak branch linkage and pale leafage.

To this end trimming and lopping are imperative for a healthy growth and development of your trees. You can have them severed to form a certain shape and create a coherent structural pattern. This will in turn boost on the appearance of your home.

Professional Tree Care

However, if you have walloping trees, you’ll need the services of a certified tree professional who can undertake care on your behalf.

Where there are excessively grown trees that cause detractions and hinder the health of smaller plants, you can always go for tree removal. This will ensure that only the right numbers of trees are left thus lowering competition for nutrients and water.

Tree removal should only be adopted as a last resort, and you should only do so if you have the right skills and equipment. If you want to hire a contractor, be sure to choose a reputable company.

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