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Cedar tree removal program cutting down wildfire fuel, free for residents (kfor)

OKLAHOMA CITY – "It's a tremendous relief; every cedar tree that I see leave is a blessing," John Huff said. Starting next week Huff will get rid of 100 Red Cedar trees, dangerous trees that can ignite with the smallest spark. The recent Logan County Fire is another reason County Commissioner Brian Maughan said he […]

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Beautiful Bakersfield: Paying tribute to a bevy of beautifiers – Bakersfield Californian

Beautiful Bakersfield: Paying tribute to a bevy of beautifiersBakersfield CalifornianPat Johnson and Susan Reep: In honor of Wendy Wayne, this pair founded Wendy's Words Libraries to encourage literacy and benefit the community by allowing them to borrow books for free. Katherine Jordan: This recipient of the 2013 …. Assemblyman Rudy …

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Questions and Answers

Free tree removal in nj?

Posted by sunny
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Good luck. I have never heard of a company that provides free tree removal.

Would people pay for xmas tree removal ?

Do you think people would be willing to pay $15-30 to have a Christmas tree taken away instantly instead of waiting for the town or if they missed the town pickup date etc etc. This would be in a very affluent area by the way. Thanks.

Posted by Mike
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NO. NY City Sanitation picks them up for free twice a week. If you miss your pickup then just go around the corner since they get pickup on the odd days.

Does anyone know if there are any free tree removal services in Massachusetts?

Posted by redsoxgirl
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Quite often, a city municipality will either trim or remove trees.

Removal may depend on the city's discretion, or homeowner's request. If the tree(s) poses some type of hazard, call your city hall.

I sincerely hope this proves useful to you.


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