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Questions and Answers

Is it possible to grind Fat-wood stumps into shavings?

Just wondering if its possible to grind fat-wood(resin) stumps? Are there any industrial grinders capable of doing this? Looking to achieve fine shaving.

Posted by Nick
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Stump grinders will grind the stumps down for landscaping purposes, but if you are looking at doing it on a commercial scale, you can certainly use tire shredding equipment to produce fairly small pieces. The equipment is not cheap, but it is available. Those manufacturers can produce spec'd machinery as well, for a price.

How deep should a tree stump be ground down?

We are having trees removed in our yard. We have two estimates, one co. Says they will grind the stumps down 4" the other says 10". We will be planting grass in those areas and filling with dirt to pitch the water away from the foundation in others. Any idea what depth is better?

Posted by Tiffany
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To be honest, it really doesn't matter. After it is ground down, you need to drill holes in the remainder of the stump, and ad salt water to those holes. This will kill off the rest of the root system. They also make products that will do the same thing, but I find that strong salt water, during the winter months, does just fine as well. I doubt that the guy that is going to run it 10" down is actually going to go 10".

Stump Grinding by Professional or Rental Unit?

Folks, I have about 15 stumps that need grinding. Most are small, (4 inches in diameter) but a few are 16-18 inches wide. I can rent a machine locally or call someone to do it. I am torn because I do not know which route is most cost effective. I know I could handle the small stumps, but I am not sure about the larger ones. Any thoughts? Is my job a small one that I could do myself or should I break the bank on a pro.

Posted by funkychicken
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I have a friend who owns a tree service. I asked him about grinding out a yucca stump in my yard and he said he would do it. But, he doesn't own a grinder and would have to rent one. So, the cost would be the grinder rental and his labor.

However, he is very experienced with using the machine and he would do the job a lot faster than I would. So, it's kind of a wash – either he does it and there's less rental cost, but there's the additional cost of his labor; or I do it and save on the labor, with increased rental cost.

I would call around and get estimates. Tree services will bid the total job, regardless of how long it takes. So, you can compare that with the cost or renting one for a couple days. And, if the cost works out to be about the same, you don't have to do all that heavy work.

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