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 Stump Removal Information

Stump Removal Explained

Tree removal or lopping may be indispensable in certain circumstances. However, if you cut down trees, and expose them to termites and other organisms, you are prone to facilitate a thriving destructive colony of agents in your property.

However, as the home owner or occupant, if you don’t have sufficient funds to remove stumps, you’ll have to resort to the typical means.

Always enquire with a tree expert to know if the approach you want to use is appropriate. There are simple ways you can use to remove the residue of a deep rooted trunk after cutting down a tree.

You can opt to chemically drill them into the surrounding soil. The hole should surround the stump and chemicals conflated with water should then be applied.

The hole must be sealed using plastic or polythene. You can always use salt in large supplies to siphon off moisture out of the remaining trunk to dehydrate it and kill it. When the stump dies, it begins to rot, and can be removed with ease.

Stump Burning

You can also remove a stump through burning. It is inexpensive and a simple means of removing the tree remainder. Before you light it, ensure that you have eliminated all flammable materials near the trunk base. Dig a hole around the stump, you can use petrol or kerosene to speed up burning, however, stay close with water to control the fire from spreading.

Alternatively, you can go for machine grinders to remove stumps, which can be rented from various equipment shops or nearby contractors who practice tree removal. The machine requires due care when handling, as there is a sharp protruded chain saw that can injure you if you’re not careful. If you’re not conversant with the machine’s use, liaise with the agents when you hire it.

Trees also naturally wither off if the trunk is not allowed to develop any fresh buds. This leads to no nourishment because there are no photosynthetic leaves.

To rot the stump rapidly, the tree should be cut at the base near the ground. If buds purport to show, eliminate them fast. Lack of nutrients and diminished transport leads to the natural death of the stump, consequently, it decomposes slowly.

Deep Stump Digging

Similarly, you can get rid of the stump by digging deep to eliminate it. This task is onerous and labor intensive. This is the best approach if the tree is small or merely a shrub. Cut any noticeable roots. You can use a pruning saw, lever it with a pry bar. Use your bar with a rock or wood as fulcrum to drift and detach the stump. Do this frequently, after a few trials it will be removed.

You can also hire professional services for removal of the stump if you are not ready to undertake the task by yourself. The professionals will also cart away the stump and fill the hole with soil. This is a last resort and necessary if the stump is large and requires much effort and labor. Removing smaller trumps is a heady and exercising activity; you will flex your muscles and enjoy it.

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